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Resources - Ransomware decryptors

"Ransomeware" is a sub-category of malicious software that encrypts its victims data then demands a ransom be paid to decrypt it.  The software listed here are free solutions that may be helpful to you if you are a victim.  If you know of a free ransomware decryptor product that is not listed here, please contact us.

[Kaspersky Lab logo]Kaspersky Labs
Kaspersky Labs, who are probably most famous for their anti-virus and internet security solutions, have teamed up with the National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) of the Netherlands’ police and the Netherlands’ National Prosecutors Office to create a free ransomware decryptor tool in an effort to help in the fight against the CoinVault and Bitcryptor ransomware.

[Emsisoft Nemucod logo]Emsisoft Decrypter for Nemucod
Nemucod is a JavaScript downloader malware that was previously used to distribute TeslaCrypt, but the more recent Nemucod versions dropped the TeslaCrypt payload in favour of their own ransomware implementation.  Since the Nemucod ransomware encrypts the first 2,048 bytes of a file using a 255 bytes XOR key, the decrypter only requires an encrypted file of at least 510 bytes in size as well as its unencrypted version, which are specified with Emsisoft's simple drag-and-drop interface.  (Nemucod was recommended by Bleeping Computer.)


Guides and other useful information

[Comparitech logo]History of Ransomware
Comparitech explains that Ransomware is one of the largest threats you can face today, both on your own PC at home, and at work too.  This blog article details Ransomware from its humble beginnings to how it has become a massive global business that nets millions, if not billions, of dollars for its creators.
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