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[Benzendrine molecule]Benzedrine - Annoying spammers with pf and spamd
This spam-fighter documents some techniques used on Unix systems to annoy spammers by wasting their resources without making outbound connections to their systems.  With this technique, you can hinder the effectiveness of spammers when they connect to your systems.

There is also a very useful description of how to create your own internal blacklist that can be automatically updated by the system.

Daniel Balsam - dedicated to cleaning up the internet
Dan Balsam is a lawyer who sues spammers.  He is obviously frustrated with the spam problem (as many people are), and uses his professional talents to make the internet a more productive resource for everyone by suing the spammers who foist their illegal (and often offensive) junk on everyone.

[The Spam Diaries]Edward Falk - The Spam Diaries
News and musings about the fight against spam, by anti-spammer Edward Falk, who has been chronicling spam since the summer of 1996.  Although it's now presented in the form of a blog, the high quality of the content persists.

Over time, Edward began to monitor more and more service providers and newsgroups, and every day he would send reports to the spamming ISPs and post a daily summary in public.  By the time he ceased operations in 2001, Edward was monitoring over 400 ISPs and spammers.

[Flashing Cursor logo]Flashing Cursor, The
Norman De Forest is a spam-fighter with other general interests that include internet security and internet accessibility, the combination of which is another contribution to a better internet.  His web site includes useful information about these topics, and presents them with a nice sense of humour.

[Joe Wein]Joe Wein
A helpful software developer and anti-spam/anti-fraud activist who created a spam filter for POP3 mailboxes called "jwSpamSpy" which takes advantage of the excellent work that Joe does to track spammers and scammers.

Joe has very strong anti-spam views, and provides detailed information about some of the most common scams that are often promoted by spammers.

[Purple Cow logo]Purple Cow, The:  Sue Spammers
Peter Beckman, a spam-fighter in Virginia, USA, explains step-by-step how he sued a company for hiring a spammer that sent 58 junk eMails to him; a judgement of USD$623.00 ($10 per eMail message, plus court costs) was awarded.  Includes settlement and collection letters, copies of offical documents and correspondence, useful information about the court and collection procedures, etc.

(Previously "" was this web site's address.)

[Rev. Beergoggles]Rev. Beergoggles
Rev. Beergoggles provides some really good perspectives on spam-fighting, in addition to useful motor-vehicle modifications (with a particular focus on electrical systems).

[Spam Reaper]Spam Reaper
Spam Reaper is intended to assist victims of spammers, including ISPs, in tracking, blocking, and otherwise eliminating abuse from those on the internet who consider it their right to use stolen resources to grab a quick buck at the expense of everyone else.

An archived version of this web site can be found by following this link.

[Stentor]Stentorian:  Spam Delenda Est
A proud member of the internet's immune system, with a historic Roman theme:  It is the official position of that spam raises the costs for all Internet users while wasting users' time and impeding their enjoyment of the Internet. advocates the wholesale destruction of spammers' online operations through all available methods, provided only that they are legal and nonviolent.

See also: : Classifying Spam as Theft-of-Service

[Whew logo]
Mr. Ferguson, a spam-fighter who actively sues spammers, provides litigation progress updates and other interesting details for public consumption.

[Mr. Sam E. Antar]White Collar Fraud (by Mr. Sam E. Antar)
Mr. Sam E. Antar, a convicted felon, dedicates his life to educating the public about white collar crime.  Through his web site, which provides useful and insightful information about how to "Protect Yourself against White Collar Crime," Mr. Antar exposes the key elements of fraud in a straight-forward manner.

He also highlights some of the major problems and weaknesses (and provides some constructive solutions) that still exist in present day governmental, legal, and regulatory systems, which continue to enable scammers to operate their nefarious schemes without regard for accountability.

[XERO Magazine logo]XERO Magazine:  Spammers, spyware promoters, and other undesireables
Franklin, a spam-fighter in Florida, USA, describes his experiences in attempting to stop a spammer.  The spammer commits credit card fraud as part of a scheme that misrepresents commercial software as shareware, and eventually switches to a spam-friendly ISP despite making a variety of both specific and implied threats.
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