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[Apple logo, original] Using Apple's products, many professional corporate and marketing organizations have been creating advertisements, presentations, and multimedia publications with an approprate artistic flair.

All levels of educational institutions have also been using Apple's products as important educational tools utilized by both teachers and students.

[MacOS logo]Apple MacOS X
Mac OS X brought Unix-style memory management and pre-emptive multitasking to the Mac platform.  It is based on the Mach kernel and the BSD implementation of UNIX, which were incorporated into NeXTSTEP, the object-oriented operating system developed by Steve Jobs' NeXT company.  The new memory management system allowed more programs to run at once and virtually eliminated the possibility of one program crashing another.  It is also the second Macintosh operating system to include a command line (the first is the now-discontinued A/UX, which supported classic Mac OS applications on top of a UNIX kernel), although it is never seen unless the user launches a terminal emulator.
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