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Note (2010-Sep-24):  Many of the links that were here have been moved to the "Resources - People" page.  More resources will be made available here soon.

NANAE, which is an acronym for "" (sometimes also abbreviated as "n.a.n-a.e."), is a publicly accessible USENET newsgroup focused on the discussion of eMail spamming and serves as an unofficial international branch of the Lumber Cartel.  Although most contributors are spam-fighters, spammers also regularly contribute by spamming or harrassing other contributors, which is why NANAE is often rated as hard-core.

[Nuke Spam]
Provides an extremely simple list of excellent counter-arguments against Unsolicited Junk eMail.  Although this web site contains only one page, and the quality of the content is excellent and cuts directly to the most important points.  If you're new to spam-fighting, then this document will help you develop the right perspective with less than 10 minutes of reading.

[Spam FAQ]Spam FAQ
Originally, this was hosted at, but the web site disappeared one day.  Fortunately, a mirror of its excellent content continues to be available in our archive.

WPoison helps to combat the spam (junk eMail) problem by effectively thwarting the efforts of spammers who regularly scan (or "scrape") web pages, in search of potential target eMail addresses to harvest for victimization.  The spammers then subsequently send junk eMail to the eMail addresses that they harvested from various web sites.
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