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Resources - Filtering applications

[jwSpamSpy]Joe Wein's jwSpamSpy
This Windows application combines a high detection rate with high accuracy, without the need for "training" or extensive setup (any valid eMail that is treated as suspect or spam can always be recovered).  It works with popular eMail programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, OutLook, Sylpheed, Opera Mail, and any other types of eMail client software for Windows 2000 or XP, and can also be used with some WebMail providers.

[SpamAssassin logo, original]Spam Assassin
SpamAssassin is a mature, widely-deployed open source project that serves as a mail filter to identify Spam.  SpamAssassin uses a variety of mechanisms including header and text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases.  SpamAssassin runs on a server, and filters spam before it reaches your mailbox.

Windows binaries of SpamAssassin, which include a real-time POP3 proxy-style scanner for end-user client use (in addition to spamassassin.exe, spamc.exe, and spamd.exe), can be obtained directly from

[Spam Gourmet logo]Spam Gourmet
Spam Gourmet provides spam protection using on-the-fly self-destructing disposable eMail addresses.  Users can also set up rulesets for trusted or permitted senders, etc.

This online service also provides a real-time overall statistical summary about the eMail volume and spam blocked on the home page.

[Spam Grabber]Spam Grabber
SpamGrabber is a Microsoft Outlook Add-In that processes eMails and sends spam reports to a configurable eMail address (such as your reporting address).  It also has a few other handy functions such as secure message preview, to avoid spammers verifying your eMail address by using embedded HTTP image requests, and a function to copy the source of a message to the clipboard so you can copy-and-paste easily into another application.

[Spam Vampire]Spam Vampire
SpamVampire is a spam abatement tool.  It is a high-intensity image rotator that basically downloads images from spamvertised websites repeatedly, running up the hosting costs of the spammer who owns the spamvertised domain.  It is hoped (in a best-case scenario) that the spammers will get the message that their spam is unwanted by anyone, and they quit spamming.
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