The Lumber Cartel, local 42 (Canadian branch)
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Resources - Branches of the Lumber Cartel

Please keep in mind that many branches maintain an "unlisted" status (e.g., to protect privacy or ensure safety), so this public list is by no means complete.

[NANAE]NANAE (international branch, unofficial)
NANAE, which is an acronym for "" (sometimes also abbreviated as "n.a.n-a.e."), is a publicly accessible USENET newsgroup focused on the discussion of eMail spamming and serves as an unofficial international branch of the Lumber Cartel.  Although most contributors are spam-fighters, spammers also regularly contribute by spamming or harrassing other contributors, which is why NANAE is often rated as hard-core.

[China flag]China Lumber Cartel, local 88
The lumber industry is growing rapidly in China to meet demand for new construction of residential housing.  Local 88 emphasizes, in both Chinese and English, that it's bad luck to send junk eMail.

[Craggy Island Lumber Cartel]Craggy Island Lumber Cartel (United Kingdom)
In a place known as Craggy Island, in the United Kingdom, this branch of the Lumber Cartel is known for many things, including a divine specialty in black helicopter repair.

[Netherlands flag]Random Loquacious Verbacity (Netherlands)
It's a figment of everyone's imaginations.  No, really, it is -- just take a look if you don't believe it.

[Canadian flag]The Lumber Cartel, local 42 (Canadian branch)
Situated in Canada, with its head office hidden away in the beautiful forests of the province of British Columbia.

[USA flag]The Lumber Cartel (USA)
Attempts to describe some of the scientific, objective facts about trees and how they impact ecology.
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