The Lumber Cartel, local 42 (Canadian branch)
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The Lumber Cartel is a group of loosely united parties with a common cause to rid the internet of the junk eMail problem (a.k.a. "spam").  This ambitious goal is a common vision among spam fighters, and is popularly believed to be a realistic long term inevitability due to the ubiquitous disdain for spammers.

Various meanings are commonly associated with the word "cartel."  The definition that suits the Lumber Cartel best is "a group of parties, factions, or nations united in a common cause" (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition) with an emphasis on "parties."  Use of metaphors that borrow from the lumber industry, such as "wooden mallet" and "clue-by-four," make the difficult task of spam fighting more satisfying.

It's not surprising that many spammers disagree with this definition given the complete and utter lack of basic spelling and writing skills demonstrated in the spam they routinely foist upon their victims.  Add to that their keen interests in self-contradicting conspiracy theories, and what little credibility mistakenly lent to them is written off as a bad debt.

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