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Library - Xen - How-to - Start your DomU

You are ready to start your Virtual PC for the first time.  Use the following command, and get ready to connect with your VNC Viewer to the IP address of your server followed by a :1 (to specify the correct VNC display):

xm create win32.cfg

Once you're back at the shell, assuming there were no errors you should be able to connect to your DomU with the VNC Viewer to start installing the OS on the ISO image that you set up.

Each DomU will be named as per the "name=" line in the corresponding xmdomain.cfg file.  In the case of our example, it will be named "win32" (which is completely unrelated to the base portion of the name of the configuration file); use this name with most "xm" commands (the main exception being "xm create" since it needs to know the name of the configuration file in order to start any DomU).


Once you're satisfied with the way your DomU is functioning, if you want/need it to start automatically as part of the boot process then you'll need to edit the /etc/rc.conf file, uncomment the "xendomains=" line you added earlier, and insert "win32.cfg" between the quotation marks (this will, in turn, act just like the "xm create" command to start your DomU in parallel).


Congratulations!  After implementing all those steps, which we hopingly assume you were successful with, you are now running two entirely different Operating Systems simultaneously on a single computer!

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