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The petition document is also available in PDF and ASCII Text, formatted to print correctly (to print a PDF, you may need to download and install the free Adobe Reader):

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For your convenience, we also provide "signatures only" (suitable for posting on office bulletin boards) and "bookmarks" PDFs; both are also formatted to print correctly.  For the bookmarks PDF, you will need a paper cutter or a pair of scissors to cut each page into eight bookmark slices to give to people as simple reminders to sign the petition (we recommend that you keep plenty of these with you at all times).

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The Government of Canada is considering proposed anti-spam laws that violate your natural right to consent because they:

  • legitimize spam by making discriminatory exemptions to various parties (polls, surveys, politicians and their supporters, etc.)
  • provide license-to-spam grace periods that are unnecessary
  • ignore non-commercial spam
  • exclude many internet service providers from critical protections

  Even if you're not a Canadian, adding your signature is helpful because it shows more international concern.

All anti-spam legislation has global consequences, and we plan to present Canadian and International signatures in separate categories that show both domestic and global concern.  Bill S-220 is inconsistent with the good spirit of Canadian culture because it lacks varying degrees of fairness -- an integral aspect of any trustworthy judicial system.

Objections and Petition

We're raising four objections to the proposed anti-spam Bill S-220.  In the long run, we envision that the motivation to send spam from Canada will diminish as spammers feel increasingly discouraged (hopefully to the point of shutting down their spamming operations entirely), but the Solutions we included with our Objections must be implemented before this may be possible.

Our objections, with full explainations and solutions, and the petition, are included for your convenience, here:

By informing yourself on this matter and signing the petition, you are taking part in protecting some fundamental Canadian values by making your concerns known.  We strongly encourage you to become informed, sign the petition, and share this information with others (but please don't send this by unsolicited eMail -- telephone or write to your friends and family, and use local radio stations, newspapers, and other media sources instead).

We hope that you will join us in our effort by signing the petition, so that we will have a more powerful voice when requesting removal of the discriminatory and exclusive spam-supporting, and other unnecessary sections of Bill S-220 before it becomes law.

Additional information

Below are the links to proposed Bill S-220 in its unmodified form, in the PDF and HTML (from the relevant official Canadian Government web site) formats:

Historical information

References to historical information, which is no longer needed, is provided here for completeness:

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