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Glossary - Cabin Fever

When end-users, systems administrators, or lumberjacks are continually exposed to excessive volumes of junk eMail, are restricted in small quarters (such as an office cubicle), or are isolated for extended periods of time, they are said to have "cabin fever."  This effect is similar to a claustrophobic reaction.

[Log cabin] Some of the symtoms of cabin fever include:

  • restlessness
  • irritability
  • lower back pain
  • paranoia
  • irrational frustration with basic computer functions
  • irrational frustration with everyday objects
    • kicking the computer (not the same as "booting" it)
    • throwing the mouse at something
    • slamming the keyboard with one's fist
    • yanking network cables
    • spilling a drink on paperwork
    • shaking a monitor or a printer
  • forgetfulness
  • laughter
  • biting one's own fingernails
  • excessive sleeping
  • mild hallucinations
  • distrust of anyone nearby
  • an urge to go outside even in the rain, snow, or dark


Socializing with people or interacting with the great outdoors are known to counter-act many of the side-effects of cabin fever because they often involve a much greater variety of physical movement, stretching one's one muscles, breathing fresh air, using language skills, and simply just getting out of the office for a while to let one's mind rest from the repetitive daily chores of regular work.

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