Apr 5, 2004 is looking to mirror the website. If you'd like to mirror either the web site, or any of the DNS zones, drop a line to The modest web site mirroring requirements are: a plain, garden-variety cgi-bin directory, cvs 1.11.5 or higher, cron, Net::DNS and Net::CIDR perl modules. The bandwidth requirements are very small; the only benefit is having a working backup during regularly-scheduled maintenance outages, and smaller latencies from outside the US.

Apr 1, 2004

Presenting: Jim Brown, the Luckless Liberal.

Feb 28, 2003

The first legal threat is in.

Jul 4, 2002

Web site and database overhaul; new contact page.

Feb 1, 2002

Major web site overhaul, added a FAQ+privacy policy. I am still looking for backup DNS servers.

Dec 28, 2001

A query page is now available.

Nov 26, 2001 is currently available for zone transfers. Write to if you'd like to also provide backup DNS for privacy policy FAQ