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If you want to contact because a listing affects you directly,

You must contact your Internet provider first. Most listings are not of individual network users, but of entire network providers. In most cases, it is not you who's listed by, but your Internet provider, so it is up to them to get themselves delisted, and mail from you will be ignored. In this case your Internet provider must contact, and not you. Your mail will be ignored in this case.

If you still do not understand why your IP addresses are listed, ask for help on the Usenet newsgroup, or the SPAM-L mailing list. Keep in mind that both of them are general discussion forums, with hundreds of different topics discussed every day, so you need to clearly explain your situation.


Sending E-mails directly, and/or phone calls, will probably be ignored. Use the Usenet newsgroup, or the mailing list, for any general question. You must read the FAQ, and the list entry beforehand. You will not receive any replies from if it's painfully obvious that you haven't read the FAQ, AND the listing for your IP address, and you just want to complain and whine. Furthermore, if you write and ask to be removed from's list because you closed your open relay, your request will also be ignored. is not a list of open relays, so closing your open relay is probably not going to do anything as far as is concerned.

Network Providers

If you represent an Internet provider listed by, and you would like to request delisting, please enter the following information:

IP address:

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