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Archives - $300,000 eMail blocked - [SC-Help] LITIGATION UPDATE

   From:  angryuser angryuser
   Date:  Tue Nov 25 08:58:41 EST 2003
Counter:  501
This posting made from the web-site.  Please reply via
email in addition to the group.  Thanks.

i have begun proceedings against the other isp who blocked my $300,000 proposal and i want to spill my guts but my lawyer says to keep my moth shut ( but in a nice way , im not very good at pair-a-frazing pepole )

i told others about spamcop's abuse of power and foudn a few more who are intereste din joining a classy action suit to shut all of you down

it is sick that you are making money from my loss . i will get my $300,000 back that you made me loose by blocking my email and i wont rest until i get it

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