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Archives - $300,000 eMail blocked - [SC-Help] LITIGATION UPDATE

   From:  angry angry
   Date:  Fri Oct 24 07:38:40 EDT 2003
Counter:  496
This posting made from the web-site.  Please reply via
email in addition to the group.  Thanks.

celebrate while you still can because the lawsuit will be delayd

i thought i foudn a better lawyer but i was wrong because he was very lazy and didnt take me seriussley so i fired him and im going to sue him in small clames court for wasting my time

anyway there were a lot of other lawyers at the funeral for my first lawyer who accidently died (a but hit him and they think the bus driver was drunk)  so i started to compare on the way to barial \ there was so many to choose from . one old guy got mad at me but hay thats free enterprise and the others didnt complane . anyway i picked one lady who thinks i have a interesting case for business interferance against the isp whot blocked me and that i should sue one party at a time starring with them first because then ill have some president's files on the next stage when i sue spam cop for conspiring with the isp to discriminate against me by saying that im guilty until proven innocent (thats anti american because it supports communists and im gonna shut you down for endangering the internets democrattic freedom)

ps .. the registered lettter never got sent because the police investigation foudn it in his drawyer with a bucnch of mail that was read yfor sending, sorry if this caused any confusion buyt anuther registered letter will be on its way when my lawyer says its time to sue spam cap (after the isp loses their case because i have a really good lawyer this time (even better then that dead one and the lazy one added up together) )

you better take me seriussley because im taking down names and e-mails to subpeena and sue every body who makes deroggatory statements about me or my case (unless you say your sorry within 7 days) and will also hire a pi (i know one who used to be a spy) to follow people and make sure there is no jury rigging

i lost $300000 u.s. funds because of spam cop and im not going to rest until i get it !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!@

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