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Archives - $300,000 eMail blocked - [SC-Help] LITIGATION UPDATE

   From:  someone at someone at
   Date:  Fri Aug 22 22:37:44 EDT 2003
Counter:  483
This posting made from the web-site.  Please reply via
email in addition to the group.  Thanks.

my attorney was hit by a bus and his partner wont fight this case for me so i found a bteter one

i wont rest until i get my $300000 (u.s. funds) that you prevented me from earning by blocking my e-,mail

spamcop can disregard the first registered mail from my past attorney because my new attorney is drafting a new one on my bahaff

all your smart aleck replies  have ben archived and nutorized and you will all be held likable for by the courts unless you apologize now

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