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Archives - $300,000 eMail blocked

This is a collection of various usenet/newsgroup threads that were posted publicly to SpamCop.Net's NNTP server in the year 2003.  The original poster first complained that they lost the opportunity to bid on a $300,000 business deal because the SpamCop.Net blacklist interfered with their business dealings.

Only the first thread was titled "BUSINESS INTERFERENCE" and the remaining were titled "LITIGATION UPDATE."  The original poster was obviously crazy, but the drama that ensued was hilarious (e.g., ridiculous business practices, a lawyer being killed by a bus driver, and finally scouting for new legal talent at the deceased lawyer's funeral, etc.), and demonstrates the lighter side of how downright crazy some spam-fighting can be.

Although many of the replies are just as funny as the original poster's ludicrous claims, you'll probably have trouble controlling your laughter even if you read only the original poster's messages (they just started new threads, and never posted any replies within the thread hierarchies as far as we know).

If you have copies of any messages missing from this archive, or would like to contribute other such interesting message threads, please let us know.

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