The Lumber Cartel, local 42 (Canadian branch)
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The Canadian branch of the Lumber Cartel is a grass-roots community-focused advocacy effort aimed at educating and providing helpful information about the issues surrounding junk eMail (a.k.a. "spam") and the scams promoted therein.

The war against spam

[Downtown Vancouver overlooking False Creek, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada] The first steps in taking an active role in the war against spam are to become better informed, and learn how to deal with it positively and professionally.  Once you've stopped your first spammer, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you made a positive contribution to society through protecting the internet.

A variety of spam-fighting tools were recently added to the new Tools section of this web site.  Due to the overwhelming of users with excessive pop-up advertisements with, or the disappearance of, these types of tools on some other web sites, the need has arisen for the preservation of these simple interactive tools with a clean and simple interface.

Spam is harmful to society

Spammers constantly downplay the seriousness of the problems associated with junk eMail, often with high hopes that the general public will eventually accept it as a "normal part of the internet experience."  Their agenda is to push the line of legitimacy so they can increasingly appeal to a wider audience.  Unfortunately this approach can inflict a lot of damage on societies because it aims to legitimize unethical marketing practices, which is ultimately misleading to consumers.

Fortunately there are many people in society who demand honesty, accountability, and responsibility from others who behave unethically.  Many of these people are spam fighters who, in addition to caring about the stability of society, are also concerned about the integrity of the internet.  As people continue to stand up for these ideals by fighting spam in a non-abusive, law-abiding manner, there will always be a strong desire for a spam-free internet.

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